Monday, July 02, 2007

cooling you down

Man, it's hot out. To help cool you down, please enjoy these pictures from this past winter in Pershing Square. Remember when the air was crisp and cold, even when the sun shone brightly? Look, the ice rink is all set up.

winter day in pershing square

The snowmen guard the fountain.

downtown snowmen

And the chicken is ice-skating.

ice skating chicken

Even chickens need love, and this one found it during the "couples-only skate".

couples skate

The chicken isn't very good at this. She went down, and stayed down.

chicken down!

Her partner helped her up, but only so he could check out the chicken's butt.

chicken needs help

The chicken got fed-up, and went back to the coop.

fed-up chicken

Don't you feel cooler already?

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cool me down, blogger on ice