Saturday, July 14, 2007

fun in the park and a fat puppy

Last week, Jim and I were taking our puppy Wonton to the vet and we passed by the Los Angeles State Historic Park. They were setting up for an event, it looked like a mid-day concert or festival. We considered stopping to check it out, but figured Ed, Dave, Eric, Don or Rico was probably all over it already. BTW, does downtown have some great bloggers, or what? But there was no mention of the event from these usually comprehensive bloggers. Then I find out it was a concert series/block party called Live At The BBQ thrown by Zune, with live performances by Common and E-40 and tents with video games. It looked like a fun party.

Meanwhile, back at the vet, the nurse asked me to place Wonton on the scale to be weighed. When we first brought him in, he weighed 4.2 lbs. Three weeks later, he weighs 5.7 lbs. Is that normal? Or are we going to have a 20-lb. Shih Tzu on our hands?


Angel The Alien said...

Did they say he was overweight? Puppies do grow alarmingly fast. A humungous 8-month-old Golden Retriever tried to eat me yesterday!

viewfromaloft said...

Zune was a Microsoft sponsored party that from what I understood was by invitation only (for sponsors). I left it off my list since I didn't have details confirming it was open to the public. With Giant Village, ShakespeareLA, a good lineup at Grand Performances, American Ballet Company at the Music Center, MoCA's night music series, Lotus Blossom Festival, Zune, more comedy at The Alex, and Bloom's wake, it was a busy weekend.

By the way. It's national Ice Cream Day today, Sunday, July 15.