Wednesday, July 18, 2007

what i saw on my walk home tonight

Earlier tonight I attended the DLANC Arts Committee Meeting at Pharmaka. I'll probably blog more later on what happened at the meeting. After the meeting, some of the other attendees went to Pete's Cafe for a drink. I had to get home to my husband, puppy and dinner, so I walked down Main Street. Then I saw this guy, standing on the southeast corner of 5th and Main Streets.

5th main guy blanket

Suddenly, he dropped his bag, threw off his blanket, jogged along the crosswalk, then did jumping jacks at the northeast corner. Did I mention he was butt naked?

naked guy 5th main

Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera or videocamera with me, so I took these pictures with my cellphone. Most of the pictures I took were blurry, mostly because the naked guy was jumping up and down, package flailing all over the place.

CU naked guy 5th main

Jeez, where was he during Art Walk? That sure would've livened up the Art Walk DASH ceremony.


Happy said...

Haha! Was he laughing? Was he serious? Was he Asian?! Weird question, but are there much Asian homeless in Downtown LA?

Unknown said...


dgarzila said...

That is weird. Earlier at the Arts Committee Meeting I was talking about the 6th street bridge day of the dead celebration and mentioned that when we do the party we should all get naked.

Boy!!!! WHo would have thought someone would have heard me.

On another note:

Celia, Maybe at the next emceeing I do I will take off my clothes. NOT!

In the photo we can clearly see him still wearing his sandals , which indicates to me that this was all premeditated.

celia said...

he was asian, he was dead serious, but he was smiling as he did his jumping jacks. i guess it felt exhilirating to have that cool breeze waft through his... hair.

i don't see many asian homeless downtown, but when i do, they're usually really fucked up, like this guy. he was really dirty and obviously had serious mental issues.

don, it was seconds after i left you that i saw this guy. i thought about yelling down the street after you to take a picture, but i was afraid it would ruin naked guy's "moment".

after he was done, he just put on his blanket and stood on the corner. he probably just needed some airing out.