Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"where's my treat?"

wonton has a new look
Fresh from getting groomed at The Lofty Dog, Wonton poses for the camera, seconds before tearing his brown and white polka-dot carrier apart.

Wonton had quite a day at the groomers. His sister, Lily, happened to come in for a groom as well. They licked, romped, and caught up with each other. It was really difficult to tell them apart, they look so much alike.
brother and sister reunion

Now that Wonton has all his shots, he's available for playdates. He's so low to the ground and, as puppies do, he mouths everything. So we can't take him for walks downtown, but we are looking for a stroller so he can explore the neighborhood with us. There was one that I liked at The Lofty Dog, but it was pink and Wonton wants something a little more masculine, so we're still looking.

Besides our weekly forays to downtown Farmer's Markets, Wonton is looking forward to two upcoming canine events: 1) Downtown Dog Day Afternoon at the Cathedral, on July 31st, and 2) Yappy Hour at The Lofty Dog (which coincides with the monthly Downtown Artwalk) on August 9th. Maybe we'll see you there!


shainLA said...

nice haircut Wonton, now i can see your beautiful eyes.

oh and tell your mama that she can tell you and your sister apart because your anatomy is a teeny bit different...oh wait a minute, maybe that's the issue....

miss you!

Happy said...

Is his sister still up for adoption?

celia said...

let me find out about his sister. the original adoptee gave her back because they couldn't handle her.

i know his little brother is still up for adoption. happy, are you interested?