Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"sketches of nothing by a complete nobody"

I really like these videos from BumDog, which is part of a feature film he's working on, based on his book, "Sketches of Nothing By A Complete Nobody". He shoots the videos in downtown Los Angeles and he features both random downtown people and some recognizable people from around the neighborhood.

I'm looking forward to seeing more videos from BumDog. He writes this about his first video:

It takes 59 seconds for "My Favorite Things" to start. The scene is a homeless bum (me) waking up in a parking lot in Downtown Los Angeles, and beginning his day listening to his morning Playlist from his iPod, which begins with the Beatles's "I Only Sleeping" and goes on to John Coltrane's "My Favorite Things".

As you can see by the titles this is the first section of a movie Im working on about myself bumming around downtown for three days. I call it "Sketches Of Nothing By A Complete Nobody", after a book I self-published. I've finished the first 30 minutes of it that Ive blogged here on YouTube.

One of the themes of the film is how I experience the world through the sounds of my iPod. Life on the outside juxtaposing the music that goes through my head. Because as a quote out of "Midnight Cowboy" says: "The silence has demons that only sound can chase away."

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