Friday, February 02, 2007

back in los angeles

My husband Jim and I got back from Thailand and Hong Kong on Monday. But the honeymoon ain't over. We are, however, jetlagged.

Thailand was exactly what we needed to decompress from the stress of planning our wedding. We flew into Phuket and arrived via long-tail boat at at the fabulous Ko Yao Island Resort, on the northeastern end of Ko Yao Noi (which means long little island), just north of Ko Yao Yai (which means long big island). It is in Phang Nga Bay on the Andaman Sea, an hour's boat ride in-between Phuket and Krabi and, as their brochure states, it is "hidden, quiet and private". The scenery is amazing - huge limestone karsts (limestone monolithic islands topped with jungle vegetation) dot the seascape, jutting out dramatically from the water. Most people know of it from the Leonardo DiCaprio movie, The Beach (although they filmed in nearby Ko Phi Phi), or from The Man With The Golden Gun, which features the aptly-named James Bond Island.

I'm still going through all my honeymoon pictures, but here's a picture of the sunrise over the limestone karsts from our beach, just steps away from our beach villa.

After a relaxing week on Ko Yao Noi, we continued our honeymoon in Hong Kong. We arrived arrived in Hong Kong right before sunset, with a blazing red sun setting behind us. We checked into the Ritz-Carlton, located in Central (the financial district) on Hong Kong Island and were gifted with a room overlooking Victoria Harbour. I took a ton of pictures, but here's one of me and Jim riding a sampan in front of Jumbo, the world's largest floating restaurant.

I can't seem to go anywhere without finding myself in the middle of a ruckus, so yes, there are hilarious stories to tell. I'll be posting more pictures and accompanying stories once I get out from under this horrible jetlag.

If you can't wait, Jim managed to get all his pictures up.