Wednesday, May 09, 2007

some film crews just don't change

Despite what FilmLA has posted on their website about filming downtown, it seems like some things just don't change - like commercial film crews filming wherever they want, residents and businesses be damned. I've mentioned before that we still hadn't received any notifications for recent shoots where we heard extremely loud and disturbing simulated gunfire, but here's another instance where the crew continued shooting, even after the FilmLA reps on location were notified. But of course, they were ready to hand out a few benjamins after they got their shot. The following is from Julie Rico, posted on the DLANC Residents mailing list:

Tue May 8, 2007 9:08 pm (PST)
"Today a group called Gearhead decided to shoot just outside the Red Dot Gallery Window. There is a permit called a block permit. The officer (Carr) showed it too me that allowed him to shoot wherever they want except for the arts district, chinatown and one other area. Our area was not on the exempt list. According to Carr they have not been formally told about the change in policy. Part of our agreement is now on the front page of Film LA and I brought out the paperwork so that Officer Carr could see it. He called some women over at Film LA and of course they finished their shoot, we are not on the documents anymore. I have a feeling these documents will be coming up here and there. Not cool.

I staged a protest but to no avail. Waay after the shoot some guy named Jeff came over and gave me $300. It was a Chevy commercial."

Looks like FilmLA shouldn't congratulate themselves just yet on being such good guys just because they posted conditions for filming downtown (as if it were their idea and not because of community pressure). It doesn't seem like FilmLA's word counts for much. Why am I not surprised? These guys lost their credibility with me a long time ago. Did I mention that their contract to issue film permits for the City of Los Angeles is up in June? I wonder how many complaints have to be lodged against them for someone to realize they shouldn't be awarded another contract.


LAstraphanger said...

As I mentioned on my blog, I was awakened the other night by a film crew outside my home. There were about eight people outside my home. I had just fallen asleep and was not happy, and let them know it.

It was interesting to me that a couple of them sheepishly scurried away as I started to complain. Then some guy who seemed to be the group leader came up to me and apologized. That was nice of him, but I still lost a full night's sleep --and there was NO filming notification notice.

celia said...

did you ask to see their film permit? did you at least note the date and time and the name of the production company? it is very important that we document all the shenanigans so we can make a case for changes to the municipal code, and also that we don't confuse the good film crews with the bad ones. we don't want to throw out the baby with the bath water. and please make your complaints known to the DLANC residents ad-hoc filming committee.

LAstraphanger said...

No, I was tired and very pissed off at being woken up. Getting to sleep in noisy Downtown L.A. is difficult sometimes--even with ear plugs. If this happens again, i will take a deep breath and compose myself and get the info.