Tuesday, May 29, 2007

blogdowntown picnic

downtown skyline from Elysian Park
Jim and I went to Elysian Park on Sunday for the blogdowntown picnic. It was smoggy, and the sun was brutal.

You couldn't swing a dead cat over your head without hitting a downtown blogger.
Jim at Elysian Park for blogdowntown picnic
Jim of trainedmonkey.com

shannon and friend
Shannon of Sha in LA.

Don Garza at a picnic
Don Garza of Central City East.

dave, eric, ed and HK
Dave Bullock, Eric Richardson and Ed Fuentes - blogdowntown 2.0

We left before the City officials showed up - we had a barbecue to get ready for. But we were there long enough to meet some new people and for Jim's neck and forehead and my lips to get sunburned, despite my parasol. Good times.

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shainLA said...

ed looks suspicious of kitty...