Tuesday, May 29, 2007

geeking out at celebration iv

star wars celebration iv exhibit hall
After sleeping off the big cafeteria meal we had Saturday morning, Jim and I met up with Angel and Tastypants and hit Star Wars Celebration IV at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Saturday.

This Darth Vader uses the Force to bring him more cheeseburgers.
fat Darth Vader

Yeah, it didn't take long for me to piss someone off. I'll never learn.
Darth Vader chokes Celia

Someone should tell Spock he was at the wrong convention.
spock at celebration iv

Jim was disappointed that no one had enough commitment to come as Jabba the Hut, but there was plenty to gawk at. There was this guy challenging all comers to a saber duel in front of South Hall and he was so lame. Members of the 501st Legion walked past us on the way to their group photo and we overheard someone say, "His swordfighting skills have improved since New York..." Jeez, that was an improvement? He must've really sucked then. One guy dressed as C3PO, but he looked more like the tin man from Wizard of Oz. Overall, the costumes and commitment to character were impressive.
Darth Maul


emperor and subject

stormtroopers on the move
The 501st Legion storms past Angel to get inside South Hall for their group photo.

501st Legion at South Hall

celia and chewbacca
Me and Chewbacca. I'm the one on the left.

Angel took some great shots, but I want to know - how did I miss seeing this guy and this guy?

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