Wednesday, May 23, 2007

sb lofts

I looked out my kitchen window this morning and noticed a crane lifting stuff onto the SB Lofts' rooftop.

readying the SB Lofts

last load

last load for the rooftop

CU-crane drop off onto SB Lofts rooftop

CU-crane drop off onto SB Lofts rooftop

During the Internet boom-years, I met with Cheryl, the building manager, to lease office space. She took me on a tour of the building, including the 13000 sq ft penthouse. She asked where I lived, and I told her that I lived in the penthouse of the Alexandria Hotel down the street. She said, "I have a funny story about Marty Sr. (then-owner of the hotel). I had asked him about managing the hotel for him and he pulled pulled a gun on me." Yeah, that sounds like Marty Sr.

Downtown sure is changing.


dgarzila said...

every time I see that sb lofts I think of son of a bitch.

So are those the son of a bitch lofts?

celia said...

um, no, these are the sb lofts.

Mustikos* said...

Hi Celia,

I was wondering how you liked the SB lofts. I'm looking to move there very soon and i think the place is absolutely gorgeous, inside and out!

celia said...

i haven't seen the inside, just the back of the building that i can see from my windows. i love that so many people in that building don't have curtains yet.

if you do move in, could you please tell them to lower the volume of the stereo on the roof (or change the channel), i can hear the lame techno music all the way over here.