Wednesday, May 09, 2007

"in the year 2000"

Much like like CurbedLA, I dig video. Especially video that shows downtown in the future.

I used to live in South Park, which is the residential area of downtown closest to the LA Live project. When Jim and I had dinner at The Pantry the other night, I was blown away by how different my old neighborhood looked, how much construction rendered the place unrecognizable to me. I say, bring it on.


Gabrielle P said...

I don't know. I'm so much more skeptical than you! Nothing in that video looks really inviting to me. I want to hear more about the cafes, bars and restaurants that they mention are cropping up to the east. Ground-level retail space is what downtown needs. And just remember -- when they were pitching the Hollywood and Highland project, they said it would be L.A.'s Eiffel Tower.

celia said...

i doubt very much that it'll be as fantastical as they say it'll be, but i'd love to have more movie theatres, more restaurants, and more options downtown, period. it doesn't have to be the times square of the west for me to enjoy it.