Tuesday, May 15, 2007

if you barbecue, they will come

Last night as Jim and I were walking out of the DLANC Residents Ad-Hoc Filming Issues Committe Meeting (say that five times fast) at the Little Tokyo Library, we heard honking. I thought it was Ben and Dave, as they were at the meeting and had just hopped in Dave's car. Maybe they forget to tell us something at the meeting. We turned to see more downtown bloggers - Ed and Don were in a car, parking on Los Angeles Street, and honking for us to stop.

Don hopped out of the car and talked to Ben and Dave while Ed chatted with me and Jim. I was glad to see Ed, my emails to him have been bouncing back and I had more tasteless jokes to share re Pastagina. Turns out Ed hadn't rested on that downtown blogger meetup and was working with Eric on planning a barbecue. He asked what days we were available and noted our preference for a venue we could walk to. Is there a park somewhere downtown where we can barbecue? Didn't think so. Anyway, stay tuned, we will have a downtown bloggers barbecue soon!

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