Sunday, May 28, 2006

house m.d. at the penthouse

A while ago the cast and crew of House, M.D. shot segments of a two-part episode in the living room, kitchen, bathroom and ledge of the penthouse. Jim posted a screenshot of the episode on his blog and here, finally, are the shots I took.

This is the hallway after the anteroom/entrance to the penthouse. They used it to hold some of the air conditioning equipment needed to cool the place down while shooting.

They painted this awful green color that really pops on television, but looks awful in daylight. This is the entrance to the main set, our living room.

For the episode, the penthouse was transformed into a filthy cop's apartment. This is one of the bathrooms, with the addition of a fake sink and toilet and painted to look like a moldy bathroom.

This is the kitchen, transformed into a nightmare.

Two shots of the living room, taken from opposite ends. They wanted to use my bar for the set, so they slipped me some paper and here it is below.

The roof was jammed with all sorts of equipment.

Nice view, don't you think? I'll be posting more pics of the penthouse during one of our Sunday night loftmates and friends dinner. That way you can see how we really live, and not the television version of the penthouse.


Nanette said...

I hope they put everything back the way they found it!

Coco said...

Hi Celia,
I have been reading your blog for a while, and since House is one of the few TV shows I watch, I did happen to see that episode, and ewwwww that cop's apartment was a mess!!! I hope they repainted once they were done shooting and cleaned up the messes!
Take care,

celia said...

Yes, they cleaned it all up and put everything back the way they found it. But instead of painting everything back the original colors, we experimented a little bit, which we now regret.

We hired a site representative to make sure that all of our stuff was moved out and stored properly, that none of our things were used on the set without our consent, that they re-painted as to our specifications, they put everything back where they found it, and that anything broken was either fixed, replaced or paid for. Our site rep was Skip, who you might have seen cavorting with the midget Spiderman, back in February. Skip is a regular at our Sunday night loftmates and friends dinners at the penthouse.

Unknown said...

its nice to hear that everything is back to normal (except your paint :D) but i hope u will do something about that and i watch House MD episode recently which used ur apartment.