Wednesday, May 24, 2006

cross that off my list

I turned in my screenplay on Monday afternoon. I got off the phone with the prodco's head of development (let's blogname her my new BFF, best friend forever), bathed in relief - they wanted to meet in a week or so to discuss my next writing project. A whole week to goof off, kinda. Woo hoo!

Jim and I went to Paramount Studios that night for a Mission Impossible 3 screening/Q&A with writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. These guys wrote for a few of my all-time favorite shows, Xena, Hercules, the first two seasons of Alias, and they are writing the highly anticipated (by me, anyway), Star Trek XI. I completely forgot that my new BFF would also be at the screening, until she called and asked me to save seats for her and "Tito", a legal and biz affairs guy from Fox. The screening was packed to capacity. At one point, a crowd of hostile people surrounded me and Jim, ready to beat us up for the only two seats available in the theater. Since everything hinges on whether or not my new BFF likes my script, I was ready to kill anyone who approached the two saved seats. When I was a talent manager, I was often referred to as a "baby-eater", which was ridiculous - I've never eaten a baby. But I would eat a baby if that meant my new BFF would give my script a thumb's up.

Thankfully, she didn't want to chat much. Tito congratulated me and Jim on our engagement, then it was air-kisses, a "let's have lunch this week, call me" and they were gone. I like to delude myself into thinking that she rushed home to read my script instead of watching whatever season finale was on that night.

I slept most of Tuesday. I had all these plans for things that I would do with my week off - do laundry, write a few restaurant reviews, blog about everything that I haven't had time to blog about in the last six weeks, re-pot an orchid, get a Thai massage at Pho Siam, organize my shoes/handbags/clothes/script library/CD collection, write thank you notes, drop off dry cleaning, get my car washed, call my trainer/go back to the gym, shop for a wedding gown, etc. But all I've been able to do is sleep. I had another screening tonight, but I cancelled. Sleep sounds so much more appealing to me. The danger is very real that I just might sleep through the week instead.

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