Friday, May 26, 2006

place your bets on the sale of the alexandria hotel

A while back there was a lively meeting for all the tenants of the Alexandria re the proposed sale to the Amerland Group and what it would mean for all the tenants. It has been very quiet since then. A while ago (a few weeks or a month, maybe? I can't keep track anymore), there were a round of inspections by the City (don't know which city agency, I heard this through the hotel grapevine), which the Alexandria Hotel failed. So the sale didn't go through as planned, though I don't know whether that means they just have to clear the next round of inspections before the sale can go through, or if the Amerland Group realized it would cost too much to make all the necessary repairs/changes to clear inspection.

I haven't seen hotel staff doing anything other than the usual maintenance, so I figured Amerland realized there was more going on with the Alexandria than they bargained for, and that the sale was off. Then yesterday, I was walking past Pete's when I saw the Amerland guys outside on the patio around 2:45pm, just like they used to do before they announced they wanted to buy the Alexandria. I considered going back and chatting them up, but I needed a nap.

Don Garza finally noticed my blog post from back in March (way to stay on top of downtown happenings, Don!). So if any of you read Don's blog, don't mention it to him yet - let's see how long it takes him to notice this post. We can set up a betting pool - pick a day and if Don blogs about it on the day you pick, the winner and a guest gets to come to a penthouse loftmates and friends Sunday night dinner*. And if you want to wager on the sale of the Alexandria, you can also pick a day when you think the sale will go through - the person who picks the date closest to the completion of the sale gets to bring his/her date to dinner, too**. So step right up, place your bets in the comments section and let me know what you want for dessert.

*Don Garza is ineligible to play.
**Friends and employees of the Amerland Group, employees of the Alexandria Hotel, and the involved city agencies are ineligible to play.


Dave Bullock / eecue said...

ok so i am guessing don will post about this on this coming monday. as for the sale i am going to guess june 15th.

dgarzila said...

I posted today.


Dave Bullock / eecue said...

damn... i was wrong... but i still think i was the closest guess!

dgarzila said...

Hey Dave How about a story of you on the LA town crier web Magazine?


Shannon said...

sale of alexandria: march 2007

Los Angeles Fire Department said...

Hi Celia!

Sorry to hear that I can't play :(

FWIW, here are a couple of links for accessing public records related to building inspections.

The results offered are by no means exhaustive, but might be helpful:

Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

Brian Humphrey
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department

celia said...

It seemed like the current management of the Alexandria booked as many raves as they could get in before the sale goes through. And Dave wins the contest since he was the only one who guessed and was the closest.

Don posted some nonsense on his blog about me being late to post about his post. Hmm, let's see, he posted on May 22nd about something I posted in March and he thinks I'm late in posting about something he wrote days ago? I guess that works in whatever bizarro world he's in. BTW Don, what color is the sky there, is it pretty?

And Brian, you get an invitation to the dinner - just because you're you. So Dave, Brian - what do you guys want for dessert?

dgarzila said...

I made that post on MArch 22, I think you better re read that post .

Not may 22nd MArch 22nd.

I posted on MArch 22nd.

Someone needs glasses.

Dave Bullock / eecue said...

I like food... so anything is good as far as I'm concerned, but I have a feeling Penelope will want to make you guys either lemon bars or a cake... if my memory serves me, Jim is lactose intolerant... I think we can make the lemon bars with oil instead of butter... will have to query penelope.

In other news penelope was just saying today at lunch how much we wanted to meet you!


Dave Bullock / eecue said...

shoot me an email at =]

celia said...

Ooops, how about that. I don't think I need glasses, I think I need to stop being distracted by David Hasselhoff.