Tuesday, May 09, 2006

casting gadget junkies

I don't think I'm a gadget junkie anymore. I don't know where my Blackberry is, I don't miss my Palm Treo (not really), and I don't fetishize my cell phone anymore. I already have a video iPod, which I really dig but don't use all that much. One of my loftmates has a handheld GPS system and I thought it hilarius that he was testing it out by walking around the penthouse. Hmmm, he'd actually be a good person for this casting call. If you or anyone you know wants a video iPod, send them your story:

Casting Call: AOL's new digital lifestyle channel is seeking gadget junkies - people who acknowledge they are immersed in technology and that it has changed their lives. The webseries would like to document real men and women 18+. If your story is selected, you'll receive a video iPod. Submit your story, name and phone number by May 12 via email to: staceecasting@aol.com or call 818-288-4800.

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