Tuesday, May 16, 2006

engagement party wrap-up, part one

I didn't take any pictures of the engagement party, but everybody else sure did. However, I haven't received any of them yet. As soon as I do, I'll throw them online here or somewhere.

I was in a really bad mood Saturday afternoon. The elevator got stuck on the penthouse level, with everyone on the first floor unable to get upstair and me, all alone in the penthouse, with a wrenched arm and twenty minutes behind schedule. It all worked out, they got the elevator to work again but Jim and I ended up being very late to our engagement party.

One of my bridesmaids, Elizabeth, came over to tart me up. Although she was late, Elizabeth managed to calm me down. Her husband, Jason, was also a big help. He made Jim a drink while he was getting ready (he looked a little nervous, too) and helped Jim with that whole square in the pocket and making sure all tags are off his clothes thing. (Thank you Lizzie and Jason!)

The four of us finally left Jim's place about 40 minutes after our party had started and walked hurriedly down Main Street to Adam's Penthouse on Los Angeles Street. As we approached the corner of 5th and Main, we hear guys yelling and see some sort of physical altercation happening right in front of the Bert Green Fine Art Gallery. It was a drug bust. Elizabeth and her husband don't live downtown, so I check their expressions to see how they're doing. I suggest a left onto 5th rather than continuing on Main and everyone agrees.

Now this is the best part - we turn and aren't even halfway down the block to Los Angeles Street when we hear a gospel choir singing. A few steps further and we see - a gospel choir singing on the sidewalk. Knowing how much I love gospel choirs and that the screenplay I'm working on right now involves a gospel choir, I look to Jim and wonder - did he arrange this?

With a big smile on his face, Jim says, "That is so random." Okay, he's not responsible. I think I like it better that he didn't arrange for it.

Walking down Los Angeles Street to our party, Jim and I just looked at each other and both said, "I love our neighborhood."

Pictures and an explanation of why Cousin Angel had hickies all over his face and neck to come in the next few days.


Nanette said...

The question is, are you inviting Puppet to your wedding? :)

Angel ABC said...

You mean there's pictures of Mr. Head Hickey? They must be burned.