Friday, September 21, 2007

what's he saying?

Hello Kitty Cupcake Tote

We're in Heidelberg, Germany for Jim's conference. I'm in the hotel room, working on my rewrite (and nursing a hangover) and Jim is at a meeting in a conference room downstairs. I told him I'd stay online so he could ping me and let me know when I have to be ready for dinner and what our plans are. Shortly after lunch, he IMs me:

jim: we take a boat at 6:30 for dinner
me: woo hoo. okay, i'll be ready

Then a few minutes later:


I click on it and gasp. Is anyone surprised that I want one? But I wondered why Jim sent me the link. You would think that after having to retrieve my Hello Kitty suitcase from the baggage carousel and all my clamoring for a Hello Kitty bicycle, he'd had enough. Was he actually suggesting that I get this tote?

me: you mean you aren't just going to get the bag and surprise me with it?
jim: oops

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