Tuesday, September 11, 2007

slow dancing at the music center plaza

I am really looking forward to my trip to Germany, but this is just one of the many things going on Downtown that I hate to miss.

Photo by Dance at the Music Center

"Dance at the Music Center proudly presents the West Coast premiere of Slow Dancing, an outdoor video installation of larger-than-life, hyper-slow-motion video portraits of extraordinary dance artists from around the world. Projected on 16-foot screens, Slow Dancing features over 40 master choreographers and dancers representing a broad range of styles, ages and cultures including the works of ballet, modern dance, Hip-Hop, Flamenco, and Javanese court dance."

This sounds amazing. Approximately five seconds of each dancer's movement was shot with a super-high-speed, high-definition camera, resulting in ten minutes of extreme slow movement. Dancers participating in this video installation include artists as diverse as "krump" artist Christopher "Lil C" Toler, Balanchine's ballerina Allegra Kent, and American Ballet Theatre's Herman Cornejo.

Did I mention the cost to see this video installation? It's FREE.

September 18-26, 2007 6:00PM - 12:00AM
FREE Public Exhibition
Optimal viewing after 7:30 PM

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Antrese said...

Hi Celia, just discovered your blog & am loving it!

I went to this event and it was amazing. The video was so slow you could see muscles contracting in anticipation of movement (a jump for example). There was a fantastic diversity in dancers: genre, ethnicity, age, body types included heavy, thin, and even a pregnant woman. The pregnant woman was particularly mesmerizing because you could see her belly reach its apex as she did these incredible leaps and when she landed, it would drop very low and then tighten back into place.

Great people watching of the audience. It was as interesting as the videos and seemed to include all ages, and many many different types: theater goers, clubbers, hipsters, elderly....

By the end of the night, Jason Bently had a huge crowd of people dancing. Everything about it was fantastic.

Sorry you missed it but hopefully they will do it again.