Tuesday, September 11, 2007

working out the kinks

The Downtown Writers Group met last week for the first time. Due to too many things going on downtown, several of our members couldn't attend. Then when I got to the DLANC Outreach Center, I saw that there was a scheduling snafu and a DLANC Affordable Housing sub-committee meeting was already underway. Brady explained the scheduling mix-up and our need for another venue. So I walked over to the group and interrupted, "Excuse me, but we have a downtown writers meeting scheduled, so, everyone else will have to get the hell out."

The walls of the DLANC Outreach Center echoed with laughter. Loud, raucous laughter. Brady tapped me on the shoulder and stage whispered, "I think they're up a little higher on the food chain than we are."

I stage whispered right back, "I know that Brady. That's why it was so funny."

More laughter. God this was a great room to work. So I tried out some new material. I killed. "Thank you and good night! Tip your waitress and be careful driving home folks!"

They still threw us out. No matter. We repaired to Red Dot and had some yummy chili fritos and beer while we figured out how this group was going to function.

I was worried that the group would be comprised of novelists only, but I worried needlessly. Although one of the group writes science fiction/short stories, he used to review films for the Village Voice and was willing to read/review screenplays. Another member, who has complained to me only of the lack of progress on her novel but was a creative executive at a big production company, announced that she wants to submit her screenplay (a "sober comedy") for review. I am hopeful that I will get some good feedback from fresh eyes on the screenplay I'm submitting.

Details regarding the group and our next meeting can be found on the Downtown Writers Group blog, but basically, we meet once a month on the first Thursday of the month. In order to review other members' work and give feedback, one must submit pages for review. There's more, but I have to get back to finishing this rewrite.

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