Friday, September 07, 2007

caltrans building's new filming policy

new caltrans building
Photo courtesy of Jim

Here's a message from the California Film Commission, courtesy of Ben:

September 6, 2007

Production Alert: New California Film Commission Policy for filming at the Caltrans District 7 Headquarters in Los Angeles.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Caltrans Building at 1st & Main in downtown Los Angeles, this facility will no longer be able to accommodate any interior filming or interior set dressing. Exterior filming only is still permitted between the hours of 5:00 pm and 5:00 am on weekdays, and is available all day on weekends. In addition, the building can only accommodate one production per week (regardless of the number of days.)

In order to reserve a space on the calendar for this location, you must submit a permit application on-line to the California Film Commission at

There will be no exceptions to these new guidelines.

A detailed fact sheet with guidelines, contacts, and requirements for filming at this location is attached.

Thank you in advance for adhering to these new guidelines. The CFC works closely with all of our state partners to ensure that these unique properties remain available for filming for years to come.

Please call if you have any questions (323-860-2960).

California Film Commission
7080 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 900
Hollywood, CA 90028

I wonder if this has anything to do with whatever was filming at the CalTrans Building last night. After midnight, these bright lights were suddenly shining directly at my building late last night. It was incredibly bright. I turned off all my lights and it lit my living room well enough for me to read - all from five blocks away. I'm sure the folks on the north side of the San Fernando Building loved that.


R said...

I saw that from Mozaic last night, and I was wondering just what the hell was going on over there. It made for a nice lit-up City Hall. I thought it had something to do with the LAPD headquarters construction, though it didn't make much sense that it would be taking place at night. I bet the Higgins people loved that...

Thanks for the info.

-Rico A

shainLA said...

there's been filming around city hall for a while now. and yes, last night the entire south facing wall of the Higgins was lit up bright as daylight...i'm sure they looooooved it.

Honig Kätzchen said...

I work at Caltrans - they're filming INside, on my floor, and have been since last week. Usually it's no big deal when there's filming here, but occasionally we're nearly run over by people rolling equipment around or we're told we can't cross certain footpaths until they finish shooting - lame.

celia said...

yikes, honig. how often does filming disrupt your workplace?