Friday, August 03, 2007

old news

Last week Jim and I attended the Downtown News' Best of Downtown party at the Hotel Figueroa. It seems like the only time I make it over to the wonderful poolside bar there, it's for this party. Note to self: change that.

Others have covered the party and the list itself. I'm not even going to look for links. It was kind of a snore. Tom Gilmore didn't jump in the pool this year. I asked Cedd Moses if it was his turn this year to jump in, but he declined politely. He didn't run away screaming from me, so I asked him what was going on with Cole's and when would it reopen.

"January," he said. He elaborated a little more, but that was last week and I had a few drinks so I don't remember what he said exactly. But he did say that they aren't making any changes to the front room except for a good scrubbing. They took pictures of the interiors before they took everything down, so they know where all the pictures and whatnot go. I'll just wait and see come January.

In related news, Ali, formerly of Cole's is getting married again in two weeks. Congratulations Ali!

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