Wednesday, August 01, 2007

cry "attica" and let loose the dogs of downtown

I'm exhausted. Last night, Jim and I took Wonton out for his debut to the downtown social circle - Dog Day Afternoon at the Cathedral. Wonton has been out before, playing with his sister and other dogs while waiting to get groomed at The Lofty Dog. This was different. This was bigger. And it was one of the best events I've ever attended downtown. The plaza was filled with dogs, their owners, and friendly downtowners without dogs. Wonton was so excited, I thought he was going to shake his tail off.

tank and wonton
Photo courtesy of trainedmonkey

Jim blogged about it, that's his pic of Wonton interacting with Tank, an English Bulldog. Since we both had our hands full managing Wonton, we didn't take many pictures of him with Joe's dog Ruby (they got along swell, Wonton let Ruby have three of his treats), the hosts of the event Buddy and Joaquin (and their owners Hal Bastian and Monsignor K), or any of the pony-sized dogs that Wonton bravely approached. Thankfully, Ed and Don were there with their cameras. Don blogged and posted some pics of me and Wonton. I love this pic that Ed took of Wonton and yet another large dog, and this pic of Wonton getting sniffed by Ben's dogs, Luca and I forget the name of their other dog.

After a while, Wonton calmed down and just made his way through the plaza, greeting dogs and charming people. At one point he tried to sniff Buddy's butt (he's a Golden Lab), but was knocked down by one sweep of Buddy's wagging tail. Hilarity. We met some other downtown Shih Tzus and their owners - Kimberly and Kloey, who just moved downtown from Las Vegas (welcome to downtown!) and Dalai, another Lofty Dog customer. Unfortunately, we didn't see Wonton's sister, or his brother Tubby, both downtown dogs. Co-organizer and downtown booster extraordinaire Hal Bastian said he wants to organize another downtown dog social, so hopefully they can make the next one.

Next up on Wonton's list of things to do - my mom's birthday lunch at our loft this Saturday, The Lofty Dog's Yappy Hour during the Downtown Art Walk next Thursday, and he's launching his own blog. Yes, a downtown dog blog. Stay tuned.

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shainLA said...

i can't wait for the 'gina to open!