Thursday, June 14, 2007

still no 'gina

Last night I asked Jim if he wanted 'gina for dinner. He said, "I could go for some 'gina." We were headed to the airport to pick up my visiting aunties afterward, so instead of walking to Little Tokyo, we took the Prius (which I haven't Hello Kittified, yet). Sadly, there was still no 'gina to be had in Little Tokyo. Is anybody else besides me and Borat jonesing for some 'gina?


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it's not dolores but it rhymes with another female body part


shainLA said...

in a completely seperate thought, have we convinced Dave Bullock to enter the Miss Downtown pageant yet? sorry, that picture reminded me of it for some reason...

Angel ABC said...

Is it pronounced jee-na or jy-na?

I had a friend named Matthew Enis from work and for a long time I was pronouncing his last name ee-nis. Then one day he introduced himself to someone as Matthew eh-nis.

It took me months to figure out why.

celia said...

it rhymes with vagina. though i did know someone who pronounced it va-heena. he was from cartagena.