Friday, June 01, 2007

all a-twitter

In case you haven't noticed, I added something to the sidebar - a twitter badge. Thanks to Dave, I'm on to my next silly thing - Twitter. I call it silly because I haven't really found a good reason for doing it, just another way to read about all the silly things I do (or me and my friends) that I don't always blog about.

I guess it could come in handy for things like, hm, I just noticed that Dave just posted that he's home from work. Angel just called, asking how we're going to commemorate National Donut Day, so I twittered "contemplating making a run to glendora to see jim the donut man" Now, if Dave, or Helena, or Gabrielle, or any of my friends on Twitter see that and want in, then they could contact me using their preferred method of communication and we'd have more participants in a donut run.

That's all I got. Any other ways this could be useful?

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