Sunday, June 24, 2007

downtown farmer's market roundup

central library farmer's market tamales
Eric blogged about discovering the Farmer's Market at the Bank of America Plaza (Hope & 3rd Street) the other day, which reminded me - I've been meaning to blog about the different farmer's markets downtown.

On Tuesdays, Jim and I usually get vegetables and produce from the Arts District/Little Tokyo Farmer's Market. It was supposed to move to Saturdays at the Los Angeles Mall, but Ed says that's on hold. Thank Buddha, that's a horrid place and time. The Arts District/Little Tokyo market has moved to Thursdays and is now at City Hall. I can also kill two bird with one stone (or walk) by supplementing goods bought at the farmer's market with meat or seafood from any of the three Japanese grocery stores in Little Tokyo. But more on that in another post, I'm still on farmer's farkets. ride the DASH up Main Street to the new venue, then take the DASH back home down Spring Street.

If we don't have our act together on Tuesdays,On Wednesdays, we hit the Central Library Farmer's Market. We tend towards the Central Library because 1) we're also picking up or dropping off library books anyway, 2) the walk from 5th & Los Angeles to the Central Library is one of the most entertaining walks downtown, 3) I prefer the tamale and the asiatic lily vendors at the Library, and 4) we usually don't have our acts together on Tuesday.

If I'm at Gold's Gym on Thursdays, then I hit the 7th & Fig Farmer's Market before heading home. Again, the tamales aren't as good as the one on Wednesdays at the Central Library, but you might feel differently.

Occasionally, I find myself in Chinatown on a Thursday (usually for mid-week dimsum) and that's when they have their farmer's market. I had a really bad experience my first time here, which had nothing to do with the market and more to do with how much Chrysler road service sucks, which also tells you that it's not walkable. I'll have to try it again soon since I have a different car now..

It was, however, the Bank of America Plaza Certified Farmer's Market (CFM) that got this whole post going. I haven't been there yet, but it's managed by the same people who manage the Central Library CFM - and it's good to know I have even more options, so I'm really glad Eric blogged about it. You learn something new every day. If there are any other good farmer's markets downtown not mentioned here, please email me or leave a comment.

I'll be blogging about the many downtown grocery stores shortly, so look for it.

Central Library CFM
Days: Wednesday
Hours: 11:30AM to 3PM
Location: 650 W. 5th St. betw Grand & Flower

City Hall Farmer's Market
Day: Thursday
Hours: 10AM to 2PM
Location: South Lawn, on 1st St between Main and Spring Streets

7th & Fig CFM
Day: Thursday
Hours: 11AM to 3PM
Location: 735 S. Figueroa St. (lower level)

Chinatown CFM
Day: Thursday
Hours: 3pm to 7pm
Location: 727 N. Hill St

Bank of America Plaza CFM
Day: Friday
Hours: 11AM to 3PM
Location: 333 South Hope Street (at 3rd St.)

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