Wednesday, June 06, 2007

can't talk, gotta run

I really want to tell you about my weekend. About the late night donut run on Friday that had to be completed by the end of National Donut Day. About the Los Angeles Pizza Company's grand opening party, about how much writing I accomplished over the weekend. Then on Sunday, how Jim gave me a look that just sent me into gigglefits whenever I asked him if we were going to the neighbor thing on Sunday (I asked him every half-hour or so, he'd say, "Oh yeah. Do you really want to go to that? It was so lame last year." Then I'd reply, "No, not really." Every half-hour.) Or about Dave and Penelope's amazing dessert that they brought over to share on Sunday night, and that Dave considered entering the Miss Downtown Los Angeles pageant (email him if you think he should do it).

But I also want to tell you about the pictures that Eric and I took of the USPS office re-opening at 5th and Spring since I can't show you (Jim hasn't downloaded that off my cellphone yet.) And last night, we went to a reception and screening of Al Pacino's documentary Babbleonia and afterwards, a Q&A with Mr. Pacino. Then there's Chakra, the yummy Indian restaurant we hit afterwards.

That will all have to wait for another post because I have to hurry up and get to Disneyland. We get to preview the Finding Nemo submarine ride! Woo hoo! I promise I'll blog about it in more detail. Hopefully, I'll get to it before the Hope for Firefighters event tomorrow.

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Gabrielle P said...

Sad to have missed National Donut Day. But it's not too late to take you for my childhood faves: Foster's Donuts on Foothill Blvd. in La Crescenta. They've got the best apple fritters -- and I don't even like cooked apples! Will try to bring you some next visit.