Thursday, March 30, 2006

how the pros do it

Photo by Bob BradfordPhoto by Bob Bradford

This is my new loftmate Lucas. He's a photographer for Reuters and he was covering Gran Marcha this past Saturday, shooting the protest from our roof. My other loftmate Bob was also on the roof taking pictures, he snapped this one of Lucas in action.

Photo by Bob Bradford
Photo by Bob Bradford

Lucas just recently moved downtown and he really likes living here. This is his caption for the pictures above:
"This is Lucas Jackson (me) risking life and limb to shoot the 500,000 person immigration rally in downtown Los Angeles from my 'backyard' on March 25, 2006. It is INCREDIBLE to see and hear this many people in one place."

Lucas' little sister K is visiting this week from New Mexico and she is adorable. Tuesday night we had a boozy penthouse loftmates and friends dinner at the penthouse (thanks for cooking Tim!). After dinner we made a beeramid, then we went "exploring" in the Alexandria Hotel. Yeah, security wasn't exactly on their j-o-b that night. We returned to the penthouse and rearranged the living room furniture. It still looked good the next morning, so I guess we weren't all that drunk after all. Yesterday morning was so beautiful after Tuesday night's rain, so Lucas, K, Skip (of Spiderman Midget fame), Jim and I went shopping in the Toy District. I found 100 great toys for the blood drive goodie bags and an "Open" neon sign for the bar in the penthouse. It's shaping up to be a full week, and it's only Wednesday. Welcome to downtown Los Angeles, Lucas!

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Dave Bullock / eecue said...

i have total lens envy! I would totally dig being a "real" photog, but I'm not sure if I can afford the career change. For now I'll keep shooting for fun.