Friday, March 03, 2006

sunday nights just won't be the same

The series finale of The West Wing is scheduled for May 14. So I guess we'll know whether fictionalized America prefers Matt Santos or Arnie Vinnick by season's end. I hope we get to see Sam Seaborn, Danny Concanon and other favorite West Wing actors that I can't remember right now but I love just the same from the past seven seasons before, or during, the series finale. What's going to happen with Charlie and Zoey? Will Josh and Donna hook up? Will Kate Harper and Will Bailey? Whatever happened to his sister? Sigh.

Yeah, Sunday nights just won't be the same. Then again, I said that about Sunday nights after the final season of Sex and The City, and I survived.


jim said...

lots of west wing alums will be returning for the last few episodes.

-K- said...

And whatever happened to the temp who was briefly Toby's assistant? [Rene Estevez]..

When Mary-Louise Parker threw Josh's cell phone in to the pot of food, it was over between us.