Thursday, March 02, 2006

four l.a. things meme

Mack from LA Voice tagged me with that meme/chain letter/time suck that's been going around the LA blogosphere. Thanks Mack, didn't I email you something about me being crazy busy with work? I guess you figured that meant I can make time for this...

Four Jobs I’ve Had In My Life in LA:
waitress at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour
chip runner at the Bicycle Club Casino
talent manager
creative executive at a film & tv production company

Four Movies About LA I Could Watch Over And Over: (does it count if it is set in Los Angeles, but not about Los Angeles?)
L.A. Story
L.A. Confidential
Swimming With Sharks

Four Places I’ve Lived All Over L.A. (With Food Memories From Each):
Downey - beef & cheese burritos with sour cream from El Taco
Manhattan Beach - whatever I ate at The Kettle at 3am
East Los Angeles - those monstrous burritos from El Tepeyac
Alhambra - wet fries and roast beef sandwiches from The Hat

Four LA-Themed Shows I Love(d) To Watch:
L.A. Law
Brady Bunch

Four Places I Would Vacation At In LA:
Surf & Sand Resort in Laguna Beach
Eric's house in Malibu
Casa del Mar in Santa Monica
Checkers and/or The Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles

Four LA-Based Websites I Visit Daily:
LA Observed

Four Of My Favorite Foods Found In LA:
Mabodon at Ko-Raku in Little Tokyo
peanut butter & chocolate shakes at Harbor House Cafe in Sunset Beach
crepes at Genki Living / Japanese Dessert Land in Rowland Heights
deep fried egg rolls at Brodard's in Garden Grove

Four Places In LA I Would Rather Be Right Now:
the penthouse
wherever Jim is

jim (trainedmonkey)
Mike (Franklin Avenue)
Jonah (LABlogs)
Brady Westwater (LA Cowboy)

But enough about me. What do you think of me?

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Shannon said...

i think you are fantabulous.