Thursday, February 23, 2006

up-and-coming neighborhood

I was reading Hexodus' post on re the Family Watchdog website. Basically, you enter your address, then you get a map pinpointing all the sexual offenders in your neighborhood, complete with crime details and a photograph. Hexodus said that after you type in your address, you get your results "after an excrutiating minute or two". I figured it would take a while, since I probably have more offenders than your average visitor. Seven minutes later, I received my scary results.

In January of last year I used Megan's Law Database to find out how many sex offenders lived in my zip code, and also found out how many Starbucks were within a 5-mile radius of my home (they were two different databases). Around this time last year, there were 168 registered sex offenders in my zip code, 16 of them living in my building. According to Family Watchdog, there are 2296 sex offenders in my neighborhood.

What was that about downtown Los Angeles being the next "it" neighborhood again?

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Dave Bullock / eecue said...

I tripped out on how many there are down here... some of the SROs have several hundred living in them. Scary, although I'm guessing I'm a bit old for their liking.