Friday, February 24, 2006

spiderman 3 filming downtown

Spiderman 3 filming, Old BAnk District
Jim took this picture of the Farmer's and Merchant Bank Building from his window, they're using it to shoot some scenes for Spiderman 3. The production wanted to use Jim's pad to set up some lights, but he's in Vegas and I'm in SF. He snapped a few pics the other day and he said he'd try again this morning before leaving town. When I drove by on my way to work this morning, Jim was on the sidewalk by Pete's Cafe with his camera, so I hope he was able to take more good pictures.

Here's some general info excerpted from the filming notification sheet:
Exterior of Farmer's and Merchant Bank Building
Exterior of Pete's Cafe and Bar

Friday, 2/24 thru Saturday, 2/25 between the hours of 7am & 10am Saturday.
Saturday, 2/25 and Monday 2/27 thru Friday, March 3 between the hours of 7am & 10pm

Building access for the San Fernando, Hellman and Continental will remain unimpeded.

Pete's Cafe and Bar will be closed on Friday and will open on Saturday at 11am. Banquette Cafe, OBDVD, Lost Souls, Old Bank Market & Deli will be open as usual.

The scene is an aftermath of an explosion and bank robbery.
There will be no gunfire or explosions.
There will be no precision driving.
Two cranes in the NE corner of 4th and Main Streets.
A condor & generator will be placed on the south side of 4th just east of and another condor on the north side of 4th Street west of Main.
Lighting condor & generator in the Winston and Main parking lot.
Generator located on the South side of the Winston parking lot (Joe's Lot 433).
Generator at the south end of Harlem Place Alley away from residential windows.
Stunts, SFX smoke, extensive lighting, crans, condors, and 150 extras.

The Old Bank District and most of my neighborhood has been very busy with filming lately. In addition to Spiderman 3, they're prepping to shoot the Fox procedural medical drama, House, M.D. at my pad. They started last Friday and they're there for 9 or 10 days, starting at 7am every morning. There are about so many other film crews that I walk past every morning that it's almost like being on a lot, sometimes I think I'm at work.

I wish I could be around this weekend to take some pictures, but I'll be shopping in the Bay Area, courtesy of Shopper Shuttle. If anyone from the 'hood is going to be around, please take some pics and email me!


Ashley Russell said...
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Ashley Russell said...

some cool pictures, looking forward to seeing the 3rd in one of the best franchises around. cool blog btw.