Tuesday, February 14, 2006

can't always get what you want...

No, I'm not referring to Valentine's Day presents. hexodus posted something on his blog about PR companies and how every so often they contact him, asking "if I would not mind posting about some thing that is of interest to them, and of course, should be of interest to me."

I get a lot of email and promotional items from companies directly as well as from their PR companies, too. I don't mind if it's something I already use or would likely use, but it's almost never anything useful. I can never bring myself to throw away items like my "This Is Spinal Tap" colander (colander, calendar - get it?), "Tommy" calculator (in the shape of a pinball machine), and my full set of Hanna-Barbera characters juice glasses.

A while back, Trojan sent me 12 gross of their finest to use and/or distribute as I saw fit, and a big cheesey red velvet pillow with a pocket in the middle that could hold about three condoms. Inside the box, on the satin lining, in gold lettering was, "For her pleasure." I sold the pillow at a garage sale for about $5 bucks, which I now regret. Whether I was able to use up all 1,728 condoms before the expiration date, well, those stories I'm saving for the novel.

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