Friday, February 17, 2006

i lack restraint

I couldn't resist. I was out running errands after work last night when I saw it, a pink Hello Kitty hard-case suitcase. It was calling my name. So I bought it.

celia's Hello Kitty hard-case suitcase

Admit it, it's calling to you too, isn't it?


Shannon said...

ummm, yeah. i NEED one of those!!! you lucky girl.

Nanette said...

Is that what that sound is? I wondered what was calling me. I NEED ONE!

celia said...

I gave my new suitcase a test-spin over the weekend. As the bellcap pulled the pink suitcase out of my car, three middle-aged women who were waiting at the valet station started cooing. They coveted my bag, loudly proclaiming it the cutest thing ever. Which it is.

I actually started jumping up and down excitedly in my hotel room when I was unpacking. That's how happy Hello Kitty can make me.

Oh yeah, don't buy it online - it's cheaper at the Sanrio store at Hollywood and Highland.