Tuesday, February 14, 2006

hasselhoff! manila!

I took a meeting this past Saturday with a very successful independent producer. He was showing me around his palatial home, nestled high up on a hill. Altough impressive, the house had that cluttered, yet neat and cozy look, filled with tons of books, wine, and art. We met for brunch, but the meeting went so well he invited me back to the house to meet his wife and to pick up a script that he wanted me to read.

I'm not that familiar with his work, I've seen only one of the films he has produced. But I walked into his office and saw a poster on the wall for a David Hasselhoff film he produced that shot in the Philippines. I resisted telling him that I make regular visits to the Hoffice. In any case, I need to work with this man.

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Mike said...

Thank you, thank you, Celia, for introducing me just now to The Hoffice. I know I'll be spending much time there.