Thursday, January 20, 2005

to meet and date in l.a., parts 4, 5 and 6

For this week's LA Insight, the topic is dating in Los Angeles. Since I have so much to say regarding question #4 and #6, I'm including it with my answer to question #5.

4. Great date on a budget?
Drinks and dinner at the penthouse on a rainy night. If it's a clear night, go up on the roof.

5. And a date with no $$ limit?
Fly to Prague. There's a cozy little restaurant by the Vltava River, near where the swans sleep. I forget what the name is in Czech, but it translated to "The Grey Evil" and you can get a seven-course meal with Budvar or a great red wine called Bull's Blood for under $25 for two. Afterwards, a walk across the Charles Bridge to that spot where they threw the Queen's confessor to his death in the 13th Century or something like that. But that's not the point. You find his fingerprints on the rail of the bridge, place your hands on the prints and make a wish. No matter what your wish, you will always return to Prague.

6. Ever been on a blind date? How did it go?
Once. That would be the first runner-up for worst date, next to the racist ex-con with the extremely loud stage whisper. He took me to La Serenata de Garibaldi (the one in East L.A., thankfully), which was a good start. But, he carried a purse with him and clutched it tightly most of the night, he didn't order well so he tried to eat the food off my plate (didn't bother to ask, either), he counted out all the change from his man-purse and under-tipped, got freaked out when some guy on the way into the restaurant whistled at me, wanted to hit some painfully hip and trendy bar afterwards for a nightcap (with his ugly man-purse), and tried to invite himself up afterwards. He was my hair stylist's nephew and he made a point of showing up at the salon every time I had an appointment. Never again. And I had to find a new hairstylist.

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