Sunday, January 30, 2005

l.a. insight photo challenge

LA Insight is challenging LA Bloggers to go find some cool pictures of their neighborhood, favorite places, parks, restaurants, etc. using the A9 Yellow Pages search with pictures to make a photo montage on our blogs. I rise to the challenge:










1. I live downtown, have since 1991. I used to work for the City of Los Angeles and every week, I would leave my office in City Hall, walk to Parker Center, get in a helicopter and take a ride over the city, taking aerial shots of public works projects.

2. I drive past City Hall on my way home almost every day.

3. This is the corner of 5th and Spring. From where I am, ten floors above, I can hear one of the neighborhood regulars' sermon. He drones on and on in this mesmerizing monotone, proselytizing four days a week (from what I've observed).

4. At the bottom of Angel's Flight, you'll find Ye Olde Taco House. They have the best Mexican food and inspire a loyal following. I frequent the place several times a week.

5. Cole's - where the men are slow and the women are fast. It's the safest bar downtown and a good place to get your drunk on any day of the week, but Wednesday night is the best time to go. Come here for the music, stay for the love.

6. I take the Metro every chance I get. My Metro stop is at Pershing Square and I also walk past it on my way to the Central Library.

7. A favorite stop on the Metro is Union Station. It houses Traxx, one of the best restaurants in town (Chef Tara rocks!) and a lively bar, even if it does close early.

8. I love sitting in the courtyard of the Music Center, especially on a warm summer night. The outdoor bar is open most nights, so I grab a drink and am thankful that I live downtown.

9. Pete's Cafe has really good mac and cheese. I come here for brunch with my roommates on the occasional Sunday, but it is a good place to take a date. Now that I think of it, I think I'm going there for brunch, as soon as I post this.

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