Tuesday, January 11, 2005

i think i'll stay

Sometimes I can't believe I've lived in downtown Los Angeles for this long. I have been living in this space, the penthouse, for a little over seven years, but I've been living in downtown Los Angeles since 1991. I did take a little break around 1995, but trust me, I was miserable.

We used to throw really big, really fun, and really expensive parties here. I don't remember which party this one was, but this is part of my roof, the part we see from the living room.

I used to throw parties fairly regularly, maybe 3 or 4 times a year, I don't remember. I would come up with a wacky name for a shindig, we'd register the URL, get posters and invites designed, throw up the website, and we had a party on our hands in no time. When the powers that be allowed longer domain names, we threw a party to celebrate and of course we had to pick a really long name, as close to 63 characters as we could. I tried to hit 63 exactly, I don't remember if I did. I don't remember the name, I think it was "Rooftop Circus Sex Porno Pussy Fuckfest at the Pimphaus". I know, we were so literal and lacked imagination.

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