Wednesday, October 03, 2007

no taste of 'gina tonight

I thought the long wait for open 'gina in Little Tokyo was almost over. But no, we won't be tasting 'gina tonight, at least not in Little Tokyo. Turns out Pastagina was open on Saturday for a private party, probably a family and friends test run, and not to the general public. Neonboy just went by to doublecheck and, in an email from Shannon titled, "no open 'gina",

"... he reports that there are electricians and blueprints and workers about and it doesn’t look like they will be open tonight. :(

No ‘gina for us."

That's too bad. Judging from the comments on Ed's original post about the 'gina opening, it was shaping up to be a downtown bloggers 'gina eat-off of sorts. In any case it seemed like a few downtown bloggers and readers would be stuffing their faces with 'gina, which isn't out of the ordinary considering the overabundance of hotness in the downtown area, but we'd all be doing it together is what makes it so special. Oh well, I guess we'll all have to get together another night.


R said...

Aw, man! I was sooo looking forward to it!! Fridayinla is ill (crybaby) so he's happy that we'll have to reschedule for another day when he can make it.

See you all soon!

john said...

School me on why this chain is so great.

celia said...

um, i don't know. i've never eaten there. i explain it here, but basically i just wanted to ask my husband what he wants for dinner and when he replies, "i want 'gina," then i can say, "hell yeah you can have 'gina for dinner!"

i'm very silly and look what i've started.

Brady Westwater said...

This is one Downtown blogger you'll never see as paying for 'gina as long as his Mr. Cowboy can still cowboy up.

Chris said...

two more 'ginas opening up on grand/3rd, hope/9th