Thursday, October 11, 2007

get your ass and your camera over to the fashion district

You know how I can tell it's Fashion Week in Los Angeles? Scads of seriously hot women walking around the Fashion District. Seriously. I was walking down Los Angeles and when I hit the area around the Cooper Building, I was so distracted by the scenery that I had to stop and ask myself, "Wait, where am I going again?"

After I finished running my errands, I decided to walk up Los Angeles Street towards home. I approached the corner of 9th and Los Angeles. She stood there waiting for the light to change. She was tall, super-thin, wearing gold flats and a drapey, nude-colored mini-dress with spaghetti straps. The light turned green and as she stepped off the curb, any doubts I might've had about her line of work flew out the window. She sashayed across the street, the crosswalk her catwalk. All the while, the wind kept blowing the top of her dress aside, exposing her right breast with every breeze. I looked at all the cars stopped at the light, heading east on 9th. They were all staring, transfixed by a harbinger of Fashion Week - a hot model inadvertently flashing her breast on a downtown street. Thanks Brady!

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Brady Westwater said...

Mayor walks Red Carpet at BOXeight Fashion Show between 7:30 and 7:45.