Thursday, March 31, 2005

it's time

Jet-set roommate is in town, his magazine is hosting some fashion event this weekend that we'll both be at (note the date and time). I asked him what other events I might see him at this weekend and it was scary comparing schedules. I asked if he would make the time to check out Rilo Kiley's show at the Wiltern in June.

"Rilo Kiley? Nah. Haven't been into them since Dave Rock left the band."

"Have you heard any of their new stuff?" I asked.

"No. Besides, kinda hard to watch them at the Wiltern. Remember when they used to play our penthouse parties?"

"I remember that they did, don't remember which ones, though. Wait, they played the FU2K party because everybody played that. Didn't Boo and 40 Watt Domain play too?"

"Yeah, Rilo did, but 40 Watt didn't. Was that the one where Boo was booed offstage?"

"No, that was the B In Our Show party. I think." I confessed, "I'm not really sure, they all blended together after a while."

"Yeah, that was funny. Poor Boo. Were they at the Rooftop Circus Sex Porno Pussy Fuckfest party?" he asked.

"No. That was the one where we had six deejays and no bands. Remember, Hugh from H-Track had the last set at 4am and the next morning you guys all went to the Hotel Figueroa and hung out by the pool."

In unison, "We need to have another party."

UPDATE: We're taking suggestions on names for the next shindig.

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