Friday, March 04, 2005

custom-made fortune cookies

I was reading trained monkey the other day and jim wrote about the long weekend where everyone was out downtown and how he took his parents to Yang Chow. I was there a few days earlier and noticed that he got the same fortune that I did. It reminded me of some other fortune cookie stories:

A friend of mine who attended Hastings Law School in San Francisco still carries around the best fortune I've ever seen. "You will win the Miss Universe title, but refuse the crown." Where else but San Francisco?

I attended the Creative Screenwriter's screening for I Heart Huckabees late last year at some guild theatre in Burbank. Even more enjoyable than the movie was the Q&A afterwards with the director, David O. Russell. Mr. Russell spoke of his idea to bug all the tables in a Chinese restaurant so that they could eavesdrop on dinner conversations and manufacture personalized fortunes for all the diners. I don't remember if this was an idea for a film that was never used or something to actually do, but how freaked out would you be if after a nice dinner you read a fortune that said something like, "You're too good for him, dump him.", "Don't buy the Vuitton handbag, get the Louboutin pumps instead.", or, "Screw Stanford, attend the University of Leiden and enjoy all Holland has to offer."?

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