Wednesday, February 09, 2005

do you have a favorite voodoo curse?

I came home and the LAPD pulled up to the front of my building. Four of them were dispatched because some crazy old guy lit a cigarette in the elevator. Four cops. One cigarette-wielding guy.

The voodoo woman was in the lobby, cursing the police. Not cursing at, but throwing voodoo curses. She's wild. I predict that one of these days I'll come home and she'll be shaking a chicken at someone and I'll never see that person again.

I almost didn't move into my building. Seven+ years ago when I showed up to look at my current pad, this really big, really scary guy was coming out of the elevator as I was waiting to get in. He was speaking very loudly to no one in particular about how he "had shit to do" when he stopped in mid-sentence and stared while I walked past him. He yelled at me as the elevators closed, "You're the prettiest Chinee girl I've seen here. Do you live here?" I'd see him around from time to time, he was really scary when he didn't take his meds and I never rode the elevator alone with him. About four months later, I saw him in the lobby and he was yelling at the voodoo woman. She was throwing curses at him. I haven't seen him since. Those four cops should worry.

I hear some wacky things in my elevator, but I see the craziest things in my lobby.

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