Thursday, February 10, 2005

disrupting filming

There was a film crew across the street. I saw the big trucks hogging all the space on Spring Street earlier this morning, like 7am in the morning (what was I thinking?). Later this afternoon, I took a walk around the block to clear my head. Even before I left the penthouse I heard that guy on the street corner who always delivers his sermons in that droning monotone. He's really loud. Ten floors up loud.

I stepped out of the building and Mr. Preacher Man was on the same corner as the film crew. They were filming Single White Female 2, and they were on the northwest corner of 5th and Spring. From the looks on the faces of the cast and crew, Mr. Preacher Man was annoying everyone, droning on while they were trying to get their shot and he had been at it for a few hours. He looked at me and nodded in recognition, not stopping his sermon, not skipping a beat. I thought about pumping my fist in solidarity, but decided against it and just nodded back.

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