Friday, March 03, 2006

"we roll tonight... to the guitar bite..."

I don't think it will occupy the same place in my heart or my brain as West Wing, but SuperGroup seems like enough of a car wreck for me to tune in, or at least TiVo. What's SuperGroup? Just like it sounds - VH1 is putting together a few hard rock icons to see if they can play nice [music] together. Comprised of Ted Nugent, Scott Ian, Sebastian Bach, Evan Seinfeld and Jason Bonham, SuperGroup will follow the guys over a two-week period in Las Vegas as they try to get along as they rock on. The show premieres May 18 at 10pm.

Just to make it interesting they should have thrown someone like Mark McGrath or Hillary Duff's boyfriend in the mix. Or a Backstreet Boy. I'd tune in to see Ted threaten to shoot Nick Carter with a crossbow. Wouldn't you?

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