Friday, March 03, 2006

another opening, another show

They finally finished up shooting House, M.D. in my living room this week and left the penthouse just as they found it. Sort of. I forget which episode they shot, but it was a two-parter. I took some pictures and they look great, but I can't post them until after the episode airs, whenever that will be. I'll let you know.

The other day I was walking down Spring Street on the way home when I saw some new production vehicles and unfamiliar crews. They were filming interiors for Miami Vice next door. I wondered if I would spot Colin Farrell again. For a while I couldn't swing a dead cat around my head without hitting him - they shot Phone Booth on 5th Street between Main and Broadway for several weeks and the phone booth itself was directly across the street from my living room.

We'll probably have a rash of Jamie Foxx sightings in downtown Los Angeles. He's starring in Miami Vice and Dreamgirls. I was in the elevator, dreading the rainy drive to the office, when the doors opened and three PA's started loading cables. I asked what they're shooting and one of them said, "It's a feature called Dreamgirls." They're shooting Dreamgirls in my building!!! I loved, no, LOVED the musical and listened to the original cast soundtrack over and over again, like a mental patient, just rocking back and forth - well you get the idea. So if you're in downtown Los Angeles around 5th and Spring, or recently paroled, or a "street entrepreneur" selling pharmaceuticals, or a sex offender staying at the Alexandria - be on the lookout for Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx, Danny Glover, and Beyonce (she shot her Crazy In Love video on our roof).

I love downtown.

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