Monday, March 13, 2006

hot men in feathers

Last Thursday I joined a group of ballet fans from Out In Downtown LA and caught Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake at the Ahmanson Theatre. There was a mixer at Kendall's prior to the show, but I really like the outdoor bar on the plaza, so I got my tix and headed up there for a cold beverage.

A half hour before curtain and the bar was crowded, yet we were lucky to find two seats at the bar. Behind me, I heard two men confer with each other on what to drink. They decided and the one closest to me leaned in over my shoulder to give the order to the bartender. They waited for her to make their drinks. Quietly, his companion whispered, "Do you need Daddy to pay?"

I can't stand when I'm standing behind seated patrons at the bar and they don't acknowledge someone standing behind them trying to transact business at the bar. So I scooted over a little bit to make room for him to pay, turned around and gestured that it was okay for him to move in closer, then asked, "Does Daddy need to pay?" I realized that they could've easily been offended. But they laughed uproariously, we all laughed together, became fast friends, made out by the fountains, and now if Jim ever hesitates pulling out his credit card for a drink or meal, I just might say, "Daddy needs to pay."

Oh yeah, the ballet was wonderful. See it if you get a chance.

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