Monday, April 04, 2005

songkran festival in thai town

Sunday meant I was in Thai Town for the SongKran Festival celebrating the Thai New Year. The food was wonderful, but the best part about the festival was Muay Thai Boxing. I got there in time for the 3pm fight. When Carlos Ramirez jumped into the ring sporting white satin shorts with gold letters spelling out "Salvation" across his ass, accented in red, I knew I'd be rooting for him. His opponent, Manny Martinez, had a gut bigger than mine. Muay Thai is an ancient Thai martial arts of self-defense which utilizes all parts of your body - the hands, fists, feet, elbows, and knees to be your weapons. This is the kind of fighting that I can relate to, with all that slapping, elbowing and kneeing. Carlos fell on his ass twice while attempting high kicks to Manny's head. The round card girl was so awkward and self-conscious, then another chick came out flinging inflatable Shark energy drink toys (they were a sponsor) into the crowd. She pegged one guy in the back of the head and got the crowd roaring for the first time.

The second fight was an exhibition fight with twins. I almost left to get some pad thai or a lobster ball when I realized there wouldn't be any real ass kicking. Then they hit the ring, the music started and these twins launched into "Wai-Kru", the boxing dance and pre-fight ritual which also serves as a warm-up. It was so hot, the poses, their concentration, their bodies (twins!) - I got so horny watching them warm up. Then they launched into their exhibition. Kicking, kneeing, jumping up and down, punching, posing, loud, fast and hot. I talked to them after their fight and they were so charming, so hot and sweaty, I thought I was going to faint. The third fight almost put me away. I thought the twins were hot, but these guys were even hotter. I had to get some coconut milk and not watch them or I'd overheat. I met most of the fighters in the VIP area and now I think I might even take a few classes. Hey, they were nice enough to offer a lesson (as well as phone numbers and email addresses), who am I to say no? The hottest one was a genuine hero in Thailand, a four-time champion and a pop star, too. There were women fighters as well, and they were more badass than the guys in the first fight. I'm definitely checking out Muay Thai fights in the future, it is action-packed and did I mention that the guys are hot?

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