Monday, April 04, 2005

action-packed saturday

With less than four hours of sleep I hit the Palladium on Saturday for the Billion Dollar Babes sale. I was loopy, in a shopping frenzy, and I couldn't stop thinking about him, wondering how the hell last night happened. I don't remember most of it. I bought stuff, I just don't remember doing it. Next time I'm taking advantage of VIP membership and hitting the sale on Friday. It was good on Saturday, it must've been insane on Friday at noon.

Saturday night, I joined the entire population of Los Angeles Art and Hipster Nation and watched SRL blow up and torch shit - and yes, I recoiled with every cannon blast. It was a good time and cool as all get out. I even ran into one of my ex-boyfriends from college, Gunther. We used to hit all clubs like DirtBox, Plastic Passion, Alcoholic Salad, Power Tools, and all the ones whose names I don't remember but took place at the Home of the Topless Carrots, abandoned bank buildings, warehouses and whatever. Gunther used to wear my skirts and borrow my eyeliner. He's still 6'5 and still digs Asian chicks. My drug buddy and I walked up around 8:45pm, and were in the thick of the crowd. Ear plugs were passed back and pushed in. Minutes later, a woman walks up to the edge of the crowd and asked if anyone had more ear plugs, but no one heard her (I read lips). I laughed, standing up on my tiptoes, straining to see over the growing crowd. I struggled to make all 5'2 inches of me taller. I stood next to a man doing pretty much the same thing, only he wasn't on tiptoes because he stood about 6'7 (I can tell because I used to date someone who was a towering 6'9). After craning our necks in unison and not seeing much going on yet, we turned to each other, my 5'2 looking up at all 6'7 of him. We laughed uproariously for a few minutes at how ridiculous we must have looked standing next to each other. He adjusted the screen on his camcorder so I could see what was actually happening. It happened, almost invariably, a group of bimbos with a strong sense of entitlement showed up late and tried to bully/giggle their way past the polite crowd. One woman stood her ground, refusing to move for one group of these girls. One of the girls snarkily said, "That body-block move isn't going to work." Calmly, the woman asked, "Oh? Are you going to push me out of your way? Then I guess it does work," then continued to stand her ground. Beautiful. Everyone within earshot laughed and didn't budge in support. It was a good crowd.

All the other blogs have covered what went down, so I won't get into it here except to say it was good and I'm glad I went.

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