Monday, April 11, 2005

just another night at cole's

Another Friday night at Cole's means most of the regulars drop by to see what's going on. There was more action at the left side of the bar than in the back room where the lame-ass band was playing to a near-empty room. Just another quiet Friday night at Cole's.

The action started before most of us even got there. L was walking to Cole's from her badass loft when a car at the intersection of 6th and Los Angeles suddenly made a U-turn and ran up the curb to a violent stop. The man behind the wheel jumped out of the car brandishing a gun and pointed it at two guys on their bicycles going west on 6th. L ran into Cole's yelling for the bartender Ali to call 911. So Ali picks up his cell, and RUNS OUT INTO THE STREET TOWARDS THE ACTION, with his hand on his sidearm! I don't know which was more surprising to me, L moving that fast, Ali running out into the street towards danger, or the blase reaction of the regulars who sat there drinking with no interest in the events outside. Turns out it was an undercover cop on a drug bust. When L gave Ali shit for running out towards danger, Ali explained, "I had to describe what was going on to the cops, didn't I?"

Later that night, the band was packing up their gear and the regulars were discussing their plans for the weekend. As I was getting ready to stumble home, a fistfight broke out on the street right in front of Cole's. A woman was chasing after her man, swinging wildly at his head and connecting about 3/4 of the time, screaming, "How could you treat me that way? I love you and you treat me like shit! How could you do that to me?!" This went on for some time, for someone who was obviously livid, she had good aim and focus. Ali and I stood outside by the stairs, watching for a minute.

Then the man realized he had enough. He screamed back, "I didn't do nothing bitch! Stop hitting me! Bitch, I said I love you too, now stop hitting me!" He stopped shielding his head and face, then came up swinging. At air, but swinging nevertheless. That's when the security guards at the Santa Fe Lofts yelled for them to stop and crossed the street to break it up. I went back inside and Adam asked what was going on outside. I told him the story and one of the regulars remarked, "Oh yeah, thats Lionel. We see them fighting all the time."

So the regulars knew him. "Lionel?" I asked.

"Lionel Richie."

The regulars laugh and go back to their drinks.

I figured that was enough excitement for one evening, so after the guards finally broke up the fight and after the yelling ended, I headed home. Just another boring night in downtown Los Angeles. I love my neighborhood.

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